About Novus Training

Novus was founded on a belief that people learn more and retain information more effectively if they are motivated and interested. Learning, as well as being a benefit to individuals and businesses, should be fun. All of our courses and development activities are designed to be memorable events with an emphasis on making an important subject enjoyable.

The most important asset of your business is your people. Well trained staff with a clear view of their future development are likely to be more professional, productive, creative and motivated.

In order to maintain our high standards we consider innovation and consultation to be the foundation of our business. Our products and bespoke services evolve to best-fit the requirements of our clients. The content and the methods used in our courses are constantly under review. To attain these standards Novus offers imaginative, individual training solutions. The values we offer are respect, honesty, integrity and professionalism.


Meet The Team

Glen Glen (Director)

‘Free thinking; that’s what is important to me. I love to keep developing new ideas, new methods. We always try to provide packages that are relevant and really make a difference, but I like them done with flair and imagination.’

Michelle Michelle (Director)

‘I keep the team together, which is difficult sometimes as the boys are so enthusiastic. I get excited about engineering, which I suppose is unusual for a girl. My expertise is in warranty and parts systems and business development.’

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