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Building Blocks Designed to accommodate businesses that value development but whose staff cannot be taken away from their posts for whole days. Building Blocks is not a standard, fixed content course.

You design the course to suit your specific requirements by simply choosing from our selection of building blocks. Each block is a lively two to three hour lesson and typically two or three blocks are delivered in a day. Building Blocks is an extremely flexible, effective and cost efficient on-site development tool.

Building Blocks       Building Blocks

Identifying Needs
Identifying Needs prompts customer facing staff to take a more considered approach to establishing the requirements of your customers. Good business practice is to provide customers with what they want. An exceptional business practice is to provide what the customer really needs.
Managing Expectations
Managing Expectations highlights the importance of identifying customers’ expectations. Techniques designed to anticipate and discover expectations are explored, along with methods for raising low and limiting unreasonably high expectations. The ultimate focus is on the satisfaction of your customers.
Benefit Selling
Customers either want to buy it, or they don’t’ - this assumption will lose sales and ultimately reduce customer satisfaction. Benefit Selling examines the language that we frequently use and the language we ideally should use when selling. Techniques are developed for common sales and up-sales items to improve effectiveness and confidence.
Securing a Commitment
There are opportunities for selling additional items and satisfying customers. Securing a Commitment identifies essential elements for a stable commitment. Three techniques that are designed to increase the chances of a positive commitment through awareness, consideration and positive language are practiced.
Managing Objections
Managing Objections identifies three types of objections and equips the participants with ways to deal with them. These techniques are designed to provide a smooth and mutually beneficial way to conclude a deal or reach an agreement. This block also includes methods designed to help participants deal with defensive or aggressive customer behaviour.
Listening Skills
Hearing is something that may be taken for granted. Listening is a skill that must be learnt. Listening Skills uses activities to demonstrate the difficulties encountered when actively listening. An appreciation of the hindrances that pre-judgements and distractions apply enable the participants to practice skills and to formulate a plan for clearer communication.
Positive Language
We frequently use negative language, inducing a similar, negative response in our customers. The Use of Positive Language, through the use of simulation and explanation, highlights our unintentional use of negative language. The effects of positive language are studied and participants are given the opportunity to improve their own responses.
Technical Appreciation
Tailored to suit Sales, Aftersales or any department we have a wide selection of technical Building Blocks. Each block is a lively introduction to the subject covering how things work, common terms & abbreviations, selling points, technical issues and more. The participants are expected to take part in fun experiments and
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