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PDev Professional Development is the Novus approach to non-manufacturer based courses. Each PDev course is thoroughly researched and provides material that can be used as reference text.

An assessment of learning ensures that certificates are awarded to participants that have achieved a required standard. The comprehensive trainer’s notes form a part of the traceable standards of these courses. Records are kept of participant assessment scores and certificates issued, so participants’ achievements move with them.

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Novus Professional Development is a series of technical training courses. From first principles to advanced theory and fault diagnosis, the programme provides a clearly defined development path.

This entry level provides the fundamental principles that allow participants to thoroughly understand the theory and practice in the Elementary level. It is suitable for newcomers, apprentices and anyone who wants a sound foundation on which to build their understanding of a subject. Experienced technicians often benefit from a back to basics approach and nobody leaves without learning something useful.
Assuming that participants have a grasp of the fundamental principles of a system, this level provides a thorough understanding of the theory of operation. Service and repair operations may be discussed. A combination of classroom theory and practical exercises and our informal whilst informative style aid learning. Elementary level courses are suitable for all technicians who have at least a basic appreciation of the principles of the system.
Upon successful completion of the Elementary level training, participants are invited to attend the Diagnosis level course. Fault scenarios are studied whilst further theory leads the participants to reinforce their understanding of the system and to develop diagnostic methods and skills. Diagnosis level courses are suitable for technicians who have successfully completed an Elementary level course in the subject.

A sample of our PDev activities

Vehicle Electrics
Air Conditioning / Refrigerant Handling
Engine fundamentals
Petrol engines
Diesel Engines
Transmission systems
Manual transmissions
Automatic transmissions
Vehicle Data Networks (CAN)
Steering & Suspension

PDev Training designed by Novus is thorough and accurate, fresh and innovative. This programme is no exception.

The generic (non manufacturer specific) courses are delivered in a lively and enthusiastic way by our experienced development specialists. Course notes are extremely detailed and provide a useful reference after the training events.



Our trainers take direction from detailed leader’s guides. These state aims, objectives and learning points, suggest timings and methods without stifling the trainer’s and the learners’ enthusiasm and drive.

Each course concludes with an assessment. The learners are given their results before they leave. The assessment and the subsequent accomplishment survey are records of success and achievement for the learners and the trainer.

Upon successful completion, the learners receive a certificate to confirm their achievement. Records of certificates are stored at Novus.
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