Novus specialises in providing bespoke training solutions, working with our clients to examine and fulfil specific training needs. Novus stands for development. Whether that is development of people, products or services, we will continue to innovate. We believe that the best way to satisfy and exceed the demands of our clients is to listen openly, research thoroughly, manage skilfully and think freely.

The following list is a comprehensive but not exhaustive summary of products and services available to date. The lists may be used as a guide to the range of skills within Novus. Any training need within these skills areas may be addressed.


Services - Media

Novus Media offers a wide range of professional products to support your documentation and presentation needs. Novus will develop your training material from notes, existing material, a course sit-in or a combination of these. With consultation we will adhere to your corporate and audit standards whilst delivering innovative media solutions.

Our Media services include:

    Media Training
  • Course support material - a vital part of, and a reminder of, a learning experience that also conveys the professional image of your business
  • Course guides - essential for your quality assurance programme, our comprehensive guides provide a repeatable quality standard for trainers
  • Presentations - PowerPoint presentations need not be drudgery. Striking presentations designed by professionals who understand how people learn are a valuable addition to any course

Added Value

Media Training
  • Image library - Images and animations that are supplied or designed for you will be catalogued in an easily referenced structure. In a classroom environment it enables trainers to respond more promptly and professionally to questions from learners, with demonstration visuals to hand.
  • Backup - All work produced by Novus is backed up at our premises providing you with a disaster recovery option.
  • Document management - Generation and alteration of material is recorded. At any point we will provide a current status report, assisting you with your quality assurance programme.
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