Novus specialises in providing bespoke training solutions, working with our clients to examine and fulfil specific training needs. Novus stands for development. Whether that is development of people, products or services, we will continue to innovate. We believe that the best way to satisfy and exceed the demands of our clients is to listen openly, research thoroughly, manage skilfully and think freely.

The following list is a comprehensive but not exhaustive summary of products and services available to date. The lists may be used as a guide to the range of skills within Novus. Any training need within these skills areas may be addressed.

Parts Training

Services - Parts

Novus’ manufacturer and importer clients have benefited from parts related development. Our consultative approach allows us to determine your specific needs and learn your systems to develop relevant and valuable development tools.

Training is not restricted to parts management or ordering systems. We firmly believe that exceptional interdepartmental and customer relationships are vitally important and have a passion for improvement.

Our services include:

  • Parts systems and procedures
  • Effective stock control
  • Parts customer management
  • Working together - productive relationships at work
  • Technical appreciation of the motor vehicle (Parts)
We can develop courses to meet your specific requirements, using your material or as ‘from scratch’ projects.

For convenient and successful in-dealer training, consider our Building Blocks programmes

Building Blocks Designed to accommodate businesses that value development but whose staff cannot be taken away from their posts for whole days.

Building Blocks is not a standard, fixed content course. You design the course to suit your specific requirements by simply choosing from our selection of building blocks. Each block is a lively two to three hour lesson and typically two or three blocks are delivered in a day. Building Blocks is an extremely flexible, effective and cost efficient on-site development tool.

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