Novus specialises in providing bespoke training solutions, working with our clients to examine and fulfil specific training needs. Novus stands for development. Whether that is development of people, products or services, we will continue to innovate. We believe that the best way to satisfy and exceed the demands of our clients is to listen openly, research thoroughly, manage skilfully and think freely.

The following list is a comprehensive but not exhaustive summary of products and services available to date. The lists may be used as a guide to the range of skills within Novus. Any training need within these skills areas may be addressed.


Services - Technical

Our technical training is accurate, engaging and memorable. Our experience extends to all aspects of motor vehicle technology.

Categories include:
  • Electrical principles & systems
  • Petrol and diesel engine management
  • Transmission systems
  • Running gear
  • Safety systems
  • Services
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Information and entertainment
  • Air conditioning and climate control
  • Communication networks
  • Diagnosis techniques
  • Engineering principles
  • Product appreciation
  • Working together - productive relationships at work
We can develop courses to meet your specific requirements, using your material or as ‘from scratch’ projects.

For certified in-dealer or training venue based development, consider our PDev programme

For a comprehensive analysis of the skills and development needs of your technicians, consider IDA

PDev Professional Development is the Novus approach to non-manufacturer based courses.

Each PDev course is thoroughly researched and provides material that can be used as reference text. An assessment of learning ensures that certificates are awarded to participants that have achieved a required standard. The comprehensive trainer’s notes form a part of the traceable standards of these courses. Records are kept of participant assessment scores and certificates issued, so participants’ achievements move with them.

IDA Global IDA is an innovative, web based method of assessing knowledge, skills and techniques for motor vehicle technicians.

An extensive collection of questions are split into categories that represent key subject areas. Participants attempt all of the questions presented to them. The revolutionary question and answer design and unique analysis criteria establish development needs at a level unachievable by conventional Training Needs Analysis systems. There is no simple ‘pass or fail’ - automatically generated reports highlight the development needs of individuals with a resolution of up to 150 knowledge classifications. IDA allows unrivalled flexibility and functionality.

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